93% of Global Network Marketers (MLM) failed due to these 2 reasons!

Product – inconsistent product supplies or not enough

This problem will make you lose “market share” i.e your existing customers & future customers will not wait for your products but instead will switch to your competitors to get similar products.

Logistic system – not efficient & disruptive to the distribution of products.

This problem will cause delays in product deliveries to your customers

68% of Global Network Marketers (MLM) failed due to these 2 reasons!

Unsystematic recruitment technique/old/outdated

Sales productivity is not based on the right sales tools & technology

Unsystematic ways to keep customers

Unsystematic training to develop the sales team

Wrong focus other than leadership development

Not using an effective digital marketing strategy

The results...





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Our commitment is to prepare enough product supplies that are stable and cost-effective!

Our commitment is to execute total logistic solutions throughout the globe!

Our commitment is to prepare a comprehensive training system on sales, marketing, and building a strong leadership team!

Our commitment is to prepare effective digital tools for sales and marketing campaigns!

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“Build a business with a long term vision ! Have the courage to challenge your life, never limit yourself !”​

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“Fight Till You See The Light!”

““Carpe diem”. Seize the moment.”

Why should you choose DYNACE GLOBAL ?


We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to get ahead. We promise to always provide a low-cost, low-risk opportunity.


Dibimbing oleh pakar-pakar pemakanan dari seluruh dunia, kami hanya menggunakan bahan terbaik untuk membangunkan produk kami.


Offers extensive maintenance and support with 24/7/365 specialists expert to address all customers' issues.


Our nutritionist team has over 40 years of experience offering high-quality, great taste products that help improve consumers' health.

Introducing Spectacular Product from DYNACE GLOBAL

DYNACE ROCENTA- contains the ultimate health stem cell the "First Pytoplacenta" derived from Bulgarian rose and precursor of NAD+ i.e NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) to reverse aging. Further enhanced with carefully selected super food to increase metabolism and immunity.

DYNACE ROCENTA - is the new formulation to bring up wellness, rejuvenation and away from illness. Rocenta loaded with pack of polyphenols, vitamins and essential minerals from unique ingredient.

Main Ingredient

Main Ingredient

Bulgarian Rose Placenta

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Brown Seaweed Extract

Bitter Melon Extract

Lotus Germ Extract

The Uniqueness of Dynace Rosenta

The substituent of animal placenta

Small Molecules, high absorption, high retention

Combination of high purity and natural ingredient

High concentration

Free of harmful chemical or animal sources

Suitable for halal and Vegetarian community

Simple to consume, easy to carry


Well researched reports on clinical studies from Japan and other countries

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You are equipped with effective digital sales and marketing tools

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